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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Save web page as PDF without Any software

In many cause we may save web page. After few days later, when we will go to open the web page we may see that the page does not open. May be after lots of hardship you might find this page. Then what will be your mental condition.May be anyhow Source has been missing, that is the reason for your trouble. If there would have a PDF format of this page, You would not face this problem.Is not it?
You can easily save web pages as PDF. You do not need a software for this. Only Google Chrome browser is enough.Firstly the page which you want to save as PDF, go to this page and press CTRL+P .Print window of  the page will appear.Then change Destination to Save as PDF.
Now You will see Save Button on the top the Destination. Now click on Save, the page will save as PDF to your given destination.


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