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Friday, 20 July 2012

Repair your Hard Disk with HDD Re generator

Bad sector means some memory is loss. This means that the hard disk where the badsectorthere is no data storedHard disk space or free memory that is unused a long time,there was bad sector. You can repair bad sector by HDD Re generator. It works 100 percent. 
1. Download the HDD Re generator software and install it. unchecked tick from Launch the program and click finished.
2. Now copy the file HDD Regenerator.exe and hddreg.exe and paste into C:\Program Files\HDD Regenerator

3. Run HDD Regenerator soft. See your soft is become registered.

4.  Click to the Click here to repair physical bad sectors on damaged drive surface directly under windows (XP/Vista/7) 

5. Select Hard disk and click Start Process
6. you will see a black windows and clcik 1 where is Enter Choice.

7. All is OK. Start working It may takes few hours to repair your PC.

Download from here


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