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Monday, 23 July 2012


Some times their may be a case that your system running slowly than the previous speed of your pc........so to overcome this here are few steps..........to make your PC faster........................ 

Defragment :
      The contents of your folder may be seperated and fix at different positions in the same partition,so you have to defragment the system frequently and you can increase the speed. to do this.........
1. click on "start" button
2. Go to "All programs"
3. Go to "accessories"
4. Go to "system tool"
5. Last but not the least there you will find disk defragmenter click on it.
     there you have to analyze the partitions and perform defragmentation to all partitions.......this will increase some speed

Disk cleanup
  There will be lot of junk data on your pc which is not not used for many days........so you have t clean them...................
 So follow this to do diskcleanup
 start -- all programs--accessories--system tool--disk cleanup.
  So by performing disk clean up all the junk data will be lost

Registry setting
#go to start then click run and then type regedit
# select HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then select control panel folder and then select desktop folder. do it correctly
# you will see registry setting at your right hand side after that select menu show delay and then right click and select modify.
# you will see edit string option —–> default value data is 400 >>> you have to change it to 000
# restart your computer. you will see your computer is much more faster

Disabling XP services which are unnecessary:
There are so many services in windows XP which are unnecessary and disabling these services makes no effect at all. If these services are active they consume some memory which is a waste. So disable the services stated below. Here are the steps to follow in order to disable the services.
1. Click the Start Menu and select Run. In the text box, type services.msc and click OK. This will start the Services utility.
2. Now that you are in the Services utility, you will see a list of a lot of services on your computer. First, you will need to stop the service that you want to disable. Right-click the service name and select Stop on the pop-up menu.
3. When the service is stopped, right-click the service again and select Properties. Located on the General tab, look for the Startup Type drop-down box. Click the arrow on the drop-down box and select Disabled.
4. Click the OK button and from now on, the system will not start the service any more during boot, speeding up your system start.
Disable only following services:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service;
Distributed Link Tracking;
Client Error Reporting Service;
Fast User Switching Compatibility;
Help and Support;
Indexing Service;
Messenger Machine Debug Manager;
Network Location Awareness (NLA);
Portable Media Serial Number Service;
Remote Registry (Only included with Windows XP Pro);
SSDP Discovery Service;
Terminal Services;
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA);
Wireless Zero Configuration (If you have a wireless network card, do not disable this )
Windows Time;
WebClient Task Scheduler


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