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Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to recover your stolen phone back?

It is very disheartening when you lose your phone, especially after knowing that there is a huge amount of useful data stored in your smartphone such as emails, address book, videos, pictures, and so on. You simply cannot fold hands and stay in a depressed state when you lose your phone. The technology is so modernized that you can make use of it to retrieve your lost phone. When you try to recover your lost phone back, follow certain basic procedures that would help you to recover your stolen phone without any issues.

Steps to recover your stolen phone

Contact the Police

: The first and most important step to be followed is to report the case to the police department. Let the police nearest to your locality know that your phone has been stolen. Provide them with your details such as your name, alternate contact number, make, and model of your smartphone as these details would be required by the police. The acknowledgement from the police will be needed from your service provider.

Change your Passwords

: If you have stored details about the passwords of your bank accounts or any such related information in the lost phone, change the passwords of all your online bank accounts, email accounts, and so on immediately. If you delay, then you may lose much more than your smartphone as the thief may be capable of doing anything.

Seek Help from the Service Provider

: Contact the service provider of your cell phone, and make them aware about the whole situation. Once you do so, your service provider will instantly block all services of your cell phone. Also, request your service provider to notify you on the recent activities performed on your phone like logs of calls and messages if any. If you get any information, you can submit the same to the police so that they can proceed further to locate your phone.

Mobile Monitoring Application

: After you follow these basic steps specified above, you can make use of the GPS phone tracking to track the location of your stolen phone with the help of mobile monitoring applications. Mobile monitoring application likeCell Phone Spy is basically an application that tracks the location and other details about your smartphone with accuracy. The application will precisely notify the location of your smartphone through which you can locate your phone without difficulty. However, you need to install this application in advance in your phone, as a precautionary step to save your data, and recover the lost phone!
recover stolen phone

Do not recover it all by yourself

: Once you get adequate hints about the location of your smartphone, be wise enough to contact the police. Do not make an attempt to get in touch with the thief without any support and protection as the consequences may not be as pleasant as you would expect. If you seek help from the police, they will handle the entire situation in a tactful manner.
To conclude, these are some of the essential tips through which you can recover your stolen smartphone. All the steps mentioned above have their own significance, and needs to be followed to deal with the situation. Smartphones have indeed become the most essential gadgets for millions of individuals and therefore, do all it takes to ensure the safety of smartphones.


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